APS-CONFIG - Assigning Layer Types to Commands
Architectural Production Software 2005


Main Configuration Dialog
Layer Control
Assign Layer Types to Commands

Configuration dialog:

The following dialog appears with a list of all of the commands and conditions that can have a layer type assigned to them. At the beginning of the list are conditions that apply to several commands. For example "All door jambs" affects all of the door commands. Below these conditions are individual command names (the command names are listed in all capital letters for clarity). The list is quite lengthy but luckily these values should not have to be changed often.

The button keeps changes made and closes the dialog.

The button discards changes made and closes the dialog.

The button brings you to this web page for help during the command (without canceling).

Select the condition or command from the list to change the layer type assignment. the following dialog will appear:

For this example we selected the BRICK command. The current layer type assignment will be shown highlighted in the layer type list.

The list of layer types is divided in to four groups: Common, Plan, Elevation, and Section/Detail.

Select the layer type that you would like to assign the command and the dialog will close and the assignment list will be updated.

Modify as many command assignments as needed.



Common Questions

What is a layer type?

Where are the layer types set up?

Is there anything that you find confusing or difficult? Please let us know so we can help!

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