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Single Layer Layer-Types

Check "Assign a layer to each layer type" to use Single layer layer-types.

This method uses layer types to save you some of the repetitive work of entering the same layer name for several commands. By creating layer types we can enter the information for a layer only once in a layer type and then assign all the commands that should use that layer to the layer type.

You could consider a layer type a "reason" for a layer. It often helps people to use the form "A layer for ______" when thinking of layer types. Instead of saying "dimensions" (which could get confused with a layer name) we could say "A layer for dimensions". We are just reserving a space for a layer name later. For example in a drawing there is often a need to turn off the hatching separately from other elements and therefore you have a "reason" for a layer; a "hatching layer". We could then create "A layer for hatching and fills" layer type. We might also need a layer for notes and leaders in our drawings and might then create a layer type called "A layer for notes and leaders" etc. 

Start setting up this method by creating your layer types. Select one of the  buttons shown at left to define the layer types for each drawing type. See here for more information on creating your layer types.

Once your layer types are created you may then assign the commands the layer types they should use by clicking on the button. See here for more information.

Finally enter the layer information for each layer type. See here for more information.


For a more in depth explanation of the benefits and drawbacks of the method of layer control see direct layer assignment.

For help with selecting which method of layer control is best for you see Choosing a layer control method.


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