APS-CONFIG - Material Key System
Architectural Production Software 2005


Main Configuration Dialog
Material Key System

Configuration dialog:

Click on an area of the dialog below to go to the description for that area:

The button keeps changes made and takes you back to the Main Configuration Dialog.

The button discards changes made and takes you back to the Main Configuration Dialog.

The button brings you to this web page for help during the command (without canceling).



Breakdown of configuration options


Width and Height of the Block Used for a Material Key


If you change the size of the material key block enter the new width and height here. 



Text for title

Commands affected:  MATLIST

This is where you set the text for the material key list title. If you don't want a title shown you may leave this box blank and no title will be drawn and the material key definitions will move up accordingly.



Width of material key list

Commands affected:  MATLIST

This is where you set the width for the material key list block. Enter the width that it should be on your plotted sheet and the command will scale it as needed. The material key list length will change depending on how many material keys are in your drawing but will always be the width specified here.



Material list insertion point location

Commands affected:  MATLIST

When the material list is generated it creates a block with the table and text in it. This is where you may specify the corner that is used as the insertion point for the block. This point will remain fixed in your drawing regardless of any change to the length of the material list or if you specify a different width for the list in the APS configuration. 



Draw border around material key list

Commands affected:  MATLIST

Check this box if you would like a border line drawn around the material keys. If you enter text for the title in the "Text for title" box described above a line will also be drawn between the title and the material key definitions. If you check this box to draw a title you may then select the color you would like the border to be drawn (how to select colors) and the lineweight that you would like for the lines.



Would you like section headings

Commands affected:  MATLIST

Select "Yes" if you would like section headings for each of the 16 material key sections used in the drawing. Only the headings for the material keys used in the drawing will be used. Select "No" if you do not want the section headings used and would rather just have the material key definitions listed one after the other with no breaks.

The title for each of the section headings can be set by pressing the button. 



Leader Arrowhead Scale Factors and Dot Size


Adjust the scale factors for the five various APS arrowhead styles and adjust the size of the dot as needed to make them the size you would like. 

Note:  The scale factors and dot size entered here apply to all of the APS leader commands.



Layer Control


Note:  The commands shown in this image and the images below have been taken from the Architectural Symbols set of commands. The list of commands shown will match those listed in the "Commands affected" list above.



Choose the layer control method you would like to use from the choices listed. You may create all new objects on whichever layer is current at the time or you may assign a layer to each of the commands. To assign layers to each of the commands select "Assign layers...to use" as shown above and then click on a command name from the list in the box (scroll down for more as needed). The following dialog will appear:


Edit the layer properties for the command selected as needed and press "OK" to save them. 


For those with the APS Layer Control System component loaded

If you have either the complete APS system or have the Layer Control system component loaded you may also use layer types for your layer control. 

To use layer types select "Assign layers using layer types" like shown above then select a command from the list in the box (scroll down as needed). The following dialog will appear:

Choose a layer type from your list of layer types like shown here at left.

There are two ways to use layer types: "Single Layer Assignment" or with "Layer Schemes". Set which of these types of layer control methods you would like to use in the Layer Control Configuration dialog.




Is there anything that you find confusing or difficult? Please let us know so we can help!

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