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PANTRY Command

Configuration dialog:

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The button keeps changes made and closes the dialog.

The button discards changes made and closes the dialog.

The button brings you to this web page for help during the command (without canceling).


Breakdown of configuration options

Long Text Values

Command affected:  PANTRY

Enter any text that you would like to place on the shelf and in the pantry in front of the shelf. (The "%%u" shown above in front of the word "PANTRY" is the AutoCAD code for underlining. It has been added so that the word "PANTRY" will be underlined. Leave the box blank for any text you do not want shown.



Width of Long Text Values & Condensed Text Values

Command affected:  PANTRY

This command has the added feature of being able to change the text if the pantry is too small for the "long" versions entered above. Using the "notes" font and size (set in the Text - Leaders section) measure the longest "long" version of the two text lines (the longest of the two above is "AS SPECIFIED") in a full size (scale factor = 1.0) drawing and enter that value here. This will allow the PANTRY command to know when the "long" text will not fit in the closet and will then substitute the shorter versions entered here. 



Shelf Line Properties

Command affected:  PANTRY

Enter the distance you would like the shelf line offset from the back wall of the pantry. Select the linetype, color, and lineweight you would like for the shelf line (How to select colors). If you are using release 14 or earlier the lineweight value will have no effect now, but we encourage you to set it so you won't have to later when you upgrade. The linetypes listed are from the linetype files specified in the LType Cmd section of this configuration utility.


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