APS-CONFIG - Window Schedule Titles and Prompts
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Main Configuration Dialog
Window Schedule System
Window Schedule / Window Symbol - Titles and Prompts

Configuration dialog:

Click on an area of the dialog below to go to the description for that area:

The button keeps changes made and returns you to the Schedules dialog.

The button discards changes made and returns you to the Schedules dialog.

The button brings you to this web page for help during the command (without canceling).


Breakdown of configuration options

Schedule main title:

Command affected:  WINDSCHED

If you would like the window schedule to be called something other than "WINDOW SCHEDULE" enter the text you would like to use for the main title here.



Titles for number, width & height:

Command affected:  WINDSCHED

This is where you enter the text for the titles of the window number, width and height columns in the window schedule.



Configurable schedule items:

Command affected:  WINDSCHED

It seems that every office has a slightly different set of items that they like specify in a window schedule. In order to accommodate all the possible items that might need specified we have allowed you to create your own custom items. There are sixteen possible items that you may specify for a window (just three shown here to conserve space). Each allows you to specify the schedule title, prompt, and default value.

To use an item check the "Use:" box. You may then specify the title value that will show in the schedule similar to in the image above.

Then specify the prompt that is displayed when editing the window symbols (see image below) and the default value that will be used when inserting the symbols.



Portion of the TXTEDT command for
window symbols



Note:  If you change the location of a title, the information entered in the symbols for that title will not follow the title to its new location. The information entered in the symbols is referenced by its location and is not linked to the words of the title. Therefore if you move a title, the information already entered for that title in existing symbols will have to be moved in each symbol as well.


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