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This is a collection of several tools, commands, and blocks to speed up the process of referencing and noting drawings.

User configurable options: See individual commands below and Customizing the block library system

Known limitations:

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(select from the PLAN-Blks or ELEV-Blks pull-down)

Command: APS-PB01_ (default configuration, may vary with customization)
Command: APS-EB01_ (default configuration, may vary with customization)

The following dialog appears:

The white X's shown with each symbol are there to help you to understand more about the symbol prior to inserting it. When the symbol shown is simply inserted in the drawing the X shows the insertion point. In the case of leaders (like the keynote symbol) the X lets you know whether the command starts by drawing the arrow first or the symbol (if it starts with the symbol, it shows the insertion point of the symbol). In the case of the section cuts, it shows both that the insertion point is at the center of the "bubble" and that the "bubble" is the first object drawn. With the rectangular area callout command the two X's show you that the rectangle is specified first. And so on...

To find out more about a symbol click on it in the dialog above or select a link below:

Door Symbol Window Symbol Keynote Material Key Revision Callout Special Room Name / Number Grid Symbol
Building Section Cut Symbol Double Building Section Cut Symbol Wall Section Cut Symbol Double Wall Section Cut Symbol Detail Section Cut Symbol Round Area Callout Symbol Oval Area Callout Symbol Rectangular Area Callout Symbol
Bldg Section Cut Bubble Wall Section Cut Bubble Interior Elevation Symbol Elevation Tick     Bar Scale North Arrow
New Grade Symbol Existing Grade Symbol   Drawing Callout 1 Drawing Callout 2 Drawing Title 1 Drawing Title 2 Drawing Title 4

Not included above:
    Double Detail Section Cut Symbol
    Detail Section Cut Bubble


Solutions to common questions and problems with this command


Related Commands

ALLCALLSYMB  Command to insert a door or window symbol for each of the door and windows in a drawing.

Block Library  The Software block library system

CALLOUTSYMB  Command to insert a single door or window symbol for a selected door or window.

ELEVBLKS  Portion of the block library dedicated to elevation blocks..

INSCALLOUT1 / 2  Commands to insert drawing references to the titles inserted by the INSTITLE1 / 2 / 3 / 4 commands.

INSTITLE1 / 2 / 3 / 4  Commands to insert drawing titles that may be referenced using the INSCALLOUT1 / 2 commands.

KEYNOT, KEYNOTA, KEYNOTB, KEYNOTD, KEYNOTS, KEYNOTT  Commands to draw keynotes w/ leader

MATLDR, MATLDRA, MATLDRB, MATLDRD, MATLDRS, MATLDRT  Commands to draw a material key symbol w/ leader

PLANBLKS  Portion of the block library dedicated to plan blocks.

TXTEDT  txtedt description

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