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Each of the commands draws an new grade elevation leader starting from the arrow point. The arrowhead and first leader line are one object when completed. (to eliminate loose arrowheads if the leader is ever erased) The difference between the commands is the type of arrowhead that each uses. The types of arrowheads are shown below:

ELVNEW - Std Arrowhead
ELVNEWA - Architectural Arrowhead
ELVNEWB - Butterfly Arrowhead
ELVNEWD - Dot Arrowhead
- Simple Arrowhead
- Tick Arrowhead

Each of the arrowheads is scaled using the drawing's scale factor so that they will appear the same size on the plotted sheet no matter what the drawing's scale.

User configurable options:


Known limitations:

  • None reported. If there is something this command will not do that you think it should please let us know.

Alternate uses:

  • None reported. If you have an alternate use for this command submit it here.



Command: , , , , , or

Specify arrow (dot or tick depending on command chosen) point:

Select the point you would like the arrow point, dot center, or tick crossing to be.

Specify second point or [D]ist/[L]ength/direction dialog:

Select the second point of the leader or press the D or L key to use the Distance/Length & direction dialog.

--The arrowhead/dot/tick and the first leader line will be drawn--

Specify leader endpoint or <Enter>/<Space> to select elevation symbol to align to:

Ortho is turned on for this point. (Turn it off with <F8> or to draw with other angles.) Specify the point that you would like the grade symbol to start or press <Enter> or <Space> and you will be asked to select another grade symbol to align this new symbol with.

--the second leader line and grade symbol are drawn--


Solutions to common questions and problems with this command


Related Commands

CRVLA, CRVLAA, CRVLAB, CRVLAD, CRVLAS, CRVLAT  Commands to draw a curved leader

ELVEXST, ELVEXSTA, ELVEXSTB, ELVEXSTD, ELVEXSTS, ELVEXSTT  Commands to draw an existing grade elevation symbol w/ leader

KEYNOT, KEYNOTA, KEYNOTB, KEYNOTD, KEYNOTS, KEYNOTT  Commands to draw a keynote symbol w/ leader

LDRTXT, LDRTXTA, LDRTXTB, LDRTXTD, LDRTXTS, LDRTXTT  Commands to draw a leader w/ text

LEADR, LEADRA, LEADRB, LEADRD, LEADRS, LEADRT  Commands to draw a leader

SLEADR, SLEADRA, SLEADRB, SLEADRD, SLEADRS, SLEADRT  Commands to draw a leader from an existing symbol or text

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