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This command changes the linetype of objects. First select the linetype from those shown in a dialog and then select the objects to change.

User configurable options: 

  • Linetype definition files from which to load linetypes
  • Linetypes to display in the dialog

See the LType Cmd section of the APS Configuration Utility

Known limitations:

  • None reported. If there is something this command will not do that you think it should please let us know.

Alternate uses:

  • None reported. If you have an alternate use for this command submit it here.



Command: LTYPE

The following dialog appears:

The button brings you to this web page for help during the command (without canceling)

The button will take you directly to the LType Cmd section of the APS Configuration Utility that allows you to change the linetype files, and linetype choices.

Select the image of the linetype to which you would like to change objects in the drawing.


Select objects:

Select objects in the drawing. When you have selected all the objects you want to change, press <Space> or <Enter>.

--The objects in the drawing will be changed to the linetype selected--


Shortcut tip: If you have just performed another command on the objects that you want to change, you don't have to select the objects again. Once you've selected the linetype as shown above, press <Enter> or <Space> without selecting anything and the last selection set will automatically be selected and changed to the linetype desired.

Note: if the objects you select are a part of a block/xref and the linetype of the objects within the block have not been set to "Byblock" the linetype will not change.


Solutions to common questions and problems with this command


Related Commands

CCOLOR  Command to change the color of selected objects based on your office's color scheme.

LNWEIGHT  Command to change the lineweight of selected objects. (Release 2000 and later only)

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